Lyle - 140VPH Vertical Pre-Heat Oven

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Manufacturer Lyle
Model 140VPH Vertical Pre-Heat Oven
Year 2011
Specification Comments

1. Two sets of dual opposing quartz panel ovens, vertical orientation
2. Ovens – 43" w. x 80" tall
3. All 4 ovens power driven in and out for sheet loading
4. Power driven festoon to create material loop in pre-heater prior to ovens entering heating
5. Auto oven retract if the former shuts down or an E-stop is pressed
6. Eight zones of heat control, thermocouple feedback, with individual temperature controllers
7. Locking casters on all four corners of pre-heat oven frame
8. Power nip sheet payout to draw material through pre-heat oven
9. Speed regulation of material through a series of eyes
10. Ability to momentarily release the nip wheels from the drive to allow the material to adjust
position to track true
11. Stainless steel support pan to keep material from contacting the floor at the infeed end
12. Sheet side guides on all rollers
13. Selector switch to manually open/close nip wheels during thread up