Black Clawson - 5-Layer CO-Extrusion Laminator

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Item Number


Manufacturer Black Clawson
Model 5-Layer CO-Extrusion Laminator
Rew Maximum Diameter

1524 mm (60 in)

Primary Unwind




Web Width

1143 mm (45 in)

Drive System


Dryer Type




Unw Maximum Diameter

1270 mm (50 in)

Operating Video 1

Operating Video 2

Specification Comments

L/D(s): 30:1

Offset Gravure

5-layer co-extrusion coater laminator – 50" maximum diameter
turret unwind w/ splicer

40HP Reliance drive motor,

Allen-Bradley Panelview 900), E&L offset pivot edge guide with edge detection

, Egan web cleaner vacuum pull roll section 10HP vacuum blower with intake
silencer and inline filter), Pillar 8.5Kw corona treater, 3-roll offset gravure coater (two 10HP Reliance drive motors with
brake, peristaltic feed pump, temperature controller), 24' hot air dryer, E&L offset pivot edge guide, Black Clawson high
nip load laminator (24" diameter chill rolls, 100HP Reliance drive motor) with shear edge trimming to scrap winder at exit,
Black Clawson 3-extruder XYZ carriage (One 4.5" model 435 and two 2.5" model 425 air-cooled non-vented extruders
[30:1 L/D, motorized throttle valves, melt pump and media filter on one 2.5 extruder], Cloeren 5-layer variable geometry
feedblock, Cloeren 55" Epoch IV externally deckled manual die), Pillar 5Kw corona treater, Dr. Schenk VCS web
inspection system for surface defects and discoloration with computerized control and monitoring and camera
termperature controller, Measurex model 2040 thickness scanning gauge, lump detector, vacuum pull roll (20HP
Reliance drive motor), 60" maximum diameter Egan reel spool surface winder with auto transfer (roll hoist, Allen Bradley
PanelView 900, Reliance 20HP drive motor), Reliance drive system and Allen-Bradley PLC.