Why Sell with Meadoworks

We know Plastic Processing Equipment.

Our detailed knowledge of market trends, asset value and current market availability gives you a strong hand at the negotiating table.

And our inside knowledge of buyers is your ace in the hole! By constantly tracking the plastic processing capital equipment markets, we keep an active leads database that tells us not only who’s buying what, but also what they use and what they prefer. Our intimate knowledge of industry players allows us to pinpoint your market position — you’ll know where you stand and what you can get for your equipment.

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We also have a unique, bird’s-eye view of the process that you won’t find anywhere else. Because we work with buyers and sellers—as well as banks and financing firms —Meadoworks is able to initiate and close many sales instantly. Even the largest sell-offs are often completed in 60 days. Because no-distress marketing means higher returns, you won’t have to sacrifice price for speed.

8 Reasons To Sell with Us:

  • - Direct marketing to our extensive international database of qualified purchasers
  • - Trade-press advertising
  • - HTML direct marketing e-mail campaigns
  • - Web-based search-engine optimization and Pay-Per-Click Internet marketing campaigns
  • - Meadoworks’ exclusive network of sales contacts
  • - State-of-the-art, targeted telemarketing
  • - Meadoworks exclusive online & on-site auctions
  • - Time is money. We’ll save you both.

Much like using an accountant at tax time, tapping Meadoworks’ vast knowledge and asset-management resources is a smart financial move. If you tried to do it all yourself, you might not get the best deal for your company. Meanwhile, you’d be losing time better spent running your business and acquiring new leads.

By letting a pro handle your transactions, you’ll get the highest dollar value on your equipment and free both your schedule and your mind to do what your business does best! Plus, we’re a one-stop shop for everything you need to buy, resell or appraise. If you’re selling today, you may be buying tomorrow.

Let’s get started! It’s easy to get started. Just complete this equipment sales inquiry form. You can attach photos and/or files. One of our expert Sales Directors will get back to you quickly.