SPI Semi-Annual Plastics Industry Equipment Sale

Society of Plastics Industry (SPI), the plastic industry’s premiere trade association has partnered with Meadoworks to provide its members with the opportunity to market their surplus used equipment through a semi-annual SPI Capital Asset Management Sales Event. As part of SPI’s Business Benefit Program, members can sell equipment with no up-front cost and no marketing fees! The program can help plastics manufacturers dismantle and remove obsolete equipment, or even find a new home for used equipment.

A portion of proceeds from each sale go back to SPI so we can continue to defend and promote the plastics industry, advocate for pro plastics legislation, and open up global markets for plastics products.

The program supports the plastics industry’s “Zero Waste” initiative to buy used plastic industry equipment or to sell plastics industry equipment that they are no longer using. Recycling and re-purposing of equipment is a critical part of our industry’s pursuit of “Zero Waste” as a sustainability goal that benefits our entire industry.

Partnering with Meadoworks, a global asset management firm is advantageous for everyone in the plastics industry. Meadoworks delivers a thorough technical knowledge of plastics processing machinery, up to the minute insights on the plastics industry and its markets and a sophisticated customer service database that allows them to track the needs of buyers around the world to get you top dollar for your used equipment.