Why Buy From Meadoworks

Looking to buy used plastics processing machinery?

You’ve come to the right place! Meadoworks is the used plastics processing machinery expert! Plastics machinery is our only business, so we spend all of our time working with resources so that we are absolutely on top of current inventory. No one has a better handle on current availability of used plastics processing equipment than we do! We have the premier online buying option in the industry. Browse our inventory, add items to your list, then talk to one of our knowledgeable sales directors for more information.

Up-to-the-minute online inventory.

We update our inventory daily! This means that if you see it on our site, we have it. No more wasting time researching and finding something online to discover that it was sold weeks or months ago because the resource hasn’t updated their inventory.

Best value for you.

Because we work only in the plastics machinery industry, no one has better knowledge of the actual value of used machinery than we do. We are on top of supply-and-demand as well as current availability as well as the nuances of the marketplace. We’ll get you the best bang for your buck!

Top brands.

We buy and sell used plastics industry machinery and equipment from the top brands in the business. You’ve come to the right place to start your search for machinery and equipment from these top manufacturers.

Don’t see it? We can probably find it.

If you’re looking for something specific and you don’t see it on our online inventory, give us a call and we’ll scour the industry for you in an attempt to find it.

Whatever you need, we have it.

Whether you are looking for single or twin screw extruders, blow molding machines, injection molding machines, sheet extrusion lines, single or twin screw pelletizing lines, thermoforming machines, material desiccant dryers, granulators, chillers, water temperature controllers, you’ll find all of these and more right here.


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