Lending and Liquidity Solutions

NEED MONEY QUICKLY? Meadoworks can assist with your short and long-term lending needs!

Do you need additional money to expand your business? Is your company in financial trouble?  Are your sales slowing down and not able to meet your financial commitments? Do you want to sell your business or sell a division?

Meadoworks knows plastic processing equipment and machine tool values better than anyone else. In-depth industry knowledge allows Meadoworks to place higher values on your equipment – a higher valuation means more money available for use in running your business. Additionally, Meadoworks understands the challenges manufacturers face and how to quickly provide funding to keep your operations running smoothly.  Banks and other traditional lenders are not specialists in finding value in your business and in many cases will lend you less money on the same collateral base.

Areas of lending focus

  • Loans and equity investments secured by machinery, inventory, accounts receivable, and real estate.
  • Refinancing debt or replacing existing lenders lenders looking to exit a financing arrangement
  • Short-term funding to enable business to operate while longer terms solutions are sourced and secured.

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